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Oxidised cellulose based haemostats

BLOODCARE products are excellent local haemostatic agents, with the haemostatic effect based on the oxidised cellulose features. They are indicated as a haemostatic device used to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and parenchymateous or osseous bleeding from resected or injured organ surfaces during surgical interventions.

Its usage is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and SAFE.

Easy application

Having taken the product out of the sterile packages, BLOODCARE can be immediately applied on to the bleeding area.

Cost-effective treatment

BLOODCARE is an efficient local haemostat, the haemostatic effect is almost immediate. The full haemostasis is achieved by 2 minutes after application bringing thus economic benefits.

Safe application

BLOODCARE is biocompatible, biodegradable, non-acidifying haemostatic preparation of natural origin made from high quality alpha cellulose cotton. It causes no irritating reactions on the application area, is declared a hypoallergenic preparation well tolerated by the organism with no adverse effects as such that could have been reported.

BLOODCARE has bactericidal and bacteriostatic features due to the presence of carboxyl groups and low pH features, and presents also a significant effect on healing process in wounds.


Our offer of BLOODCARE - oxidised cellulose based haemostats

  • BLOODCARE matrix
    oxidised cellulose based haemostat, firmly woven haemostatic fabric with high tensile strength for heavier bleeding
    Active substance: oxidised cellulose 100%
    oxidised cellulose based haemostat, delicately knitted haemostatic fabric with low density for delicate procedures
    Active substance: oxidised cellulose 100%
    oxidised cellulose based haemostat, a cotton wool like material with a fibrous structure
    Active substance: oxidised cellulose 100%
  • BLOODCARE powder
    a powder form of haemostat for precise applications
    Active substance: hydrogencalcium salt of oxidised cellulose 100%
  • BLOODCARE spray
    an aerosol form of local haemostatic preparation 
    Active substance: hydrogencalcium salt of oxidised cellulose 100%

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