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We introduce ourselves

The company LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. has been established as a private company seated in Brno, Czech Republic.

The company LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. has established itself as a reliable partner in situations that may be risky and the health should be appropriately protected. The company produces and sells haemostatic agents – medical devices destined to stop bleeding that could be used in the wound healing market, and is also an authorized distributor of SCOTT Safety and Biomarine for breathing technique.

The company

  • produces and sells medical devices destined to stop bleeding
  • is an authorised distributor of Scott Safety and Biomarine for breathing apparatus, protective masks, thermo-imaging cameras, tracking devices and chemical analysators
  • holds the certificate of being an official service centre of SCOTT Safety breathing apparatus





The company LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. is an authorised distributor of SCOTT Safety for breathing apparatus.
In our offer you could find:

  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Industrial Breathing Apparatus
  • Thermo-imaging Cameras
  • Tracking Devices
  • Protective Masks
  • Escape Breathing Devices

For more information, you are welcome to visit our product web site


The company LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. is a manufacturer of medical devices arresting bleeding. Its haemostatic preparations BLOODCARE belong among excellent local haemostatic agents, with the haemostatic effect based on the oxidised cellulose features. They are indicated as a haemostatic device used to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and parenchymateous or osseous bleeding from resected or injured organ surfaces during surgical interventions.


Hemostatický přípravek v plošné formě s textilní strukturou, s vyšší hustotou, větší plošnou hmotností a nasákavostí.
A firmly woven haemostatic fabric with high tensile strength for heavier bleeding.
Hemostatický materiál s jemně pletenou strukturou, s nižší hustotou vláken a rychlým účinkem.
A delicately knitted haemostatic fabric with low density and faster effect.
Hemostatický materiál s vláknitou strukturou, s extrémně vysokou nasákavostí.
Cotton wool like haemostatic material with fibrous structure.
Hemostatický přípravek ve formě prášku.
A powder form of haemostat.
Aerosolová forma lokálního hemostatického prostředku.
An aerosol form of local haemostatic preparation.


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